We continue working on improving some of our facilities to 

offer the best service, so that some areas of the spa 
will have restricted access.

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Children under 5 years old are not allowed to enter the covered area.

Reduced prices:

Adults: before 41€ now 30€ 

5 to 12 years: before 32€ now 20€ 

30,00 €

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You couldn't dream of anything better

The Marina d'Or Holiday Resort is home to Europe's largest scientific seawater spa. Take advantage of the properties of seawater as a source of beauty, health and well being.

Since ancient times different cultures have been aware of the relaxing, therapeutic and aesthetic qualities of seawater. The Marina d'Or Spa combines this ancient wisdom with state of the art hydrotherapy techniques and other treatments which are exclusive to our Health and Beauty Medical Centre, giving you the chance to enjoy a unique experience.

(Check opening times: 902 90 30 90 - (+34) 964 72 72 70)