These conditions specifically applicable to the purchase of entry tickets (hereinafter referred to as the Specific Purchase Conditions), regulate the purchase by the user (hereinafter referred to as the User) of Entry Tickets on the, website

These conditions are complemented by the General Conditions applicable to Access and Use of the Web Site (hereinafter referred to as the General Conditions) which the User may consult by clicking on the web’s home page before initiating the purchase process, and which will be considered as accepted upon acceptation of these Specific Purchase Conditions.

Marina d'Or may from time to time and without prior notice modify these terms and conditions by publishing said modifications on its web site, so they may be consulted by Users before online purchase of the Entry Tickets.

It is the User’s responsibility to read all the conditions each and every time said user wishes to purchase Entry Tickets through the web site

The User who purchases Entry Tickets on the web site undertakes to abide by the Operating Regulations of the parks and attractions that are to be used (Polynesia Water Park, Aventura d’Or adventure park etc) as well as any other existing specific regulations. Said regulations are available to the User on the web site and at the entry points to Marina d'Or's parks and attractions, where a copy may be obtained.

Equally, the User must not use the web site in an illicit manner, or in a manner contrary to the stipulations of these Specific Purchase Conditions and the General Conditions or, in any manner that damages the rights or interests of Marina d'Or or of any third party, or in any way that may damage, render unusable, overload or deteriorate the web site, impeding its use by other Users.

Marina d'Or does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the online purchase service for Entry Tickets regulated herein, and is exonerated from any responsibility for any damages whatsoever of any nature that may derive from the lack of availability and continuity in the operation of said Entry Tickets purchase service. Also, Marina d'Or does not guarantee the reliability of its web site or of access to its Entry Tickets purchase service.

The User declares that he or she is of legal age as defined by applicable national law, and that he/she is legally capable of being bound by these Specific Purchase Conditions and other General Conditions, of using and, where applicable, of making purchases through the web site as per to said conditions. With respect to said conditions, the User declares that he/she knows them and understands and accepts them in their entirety.

The User declares that all the information supplied by him/her while using the web site and, especially, while purchasing Entry Tickets, is truthful, complete and accurate.


The User declares that he understands and accepts that only fully following and completing the process of the Purchase of Entry Tickets (hereinafter referred to as the Purchase of Entry Tickets) provided for in the Web Site, and which is completed by the confirmation of the purchase by the User in the “Confirmation” dialogue box, constitutes a full, formal and effective application to purchase Entry Tickets.

The User must complete the corresponding procedure for Purchase of Entry Tickets available on the Web Site, introducing the information required therein.

The User begins the Purchase of Entry Tickets procedure by clicking on the Purchase now link.

During the Purchase of Entry Tickets procedure the User must follow the following steps:

1. Choice of type of Entry Ticket.

The User will be able to choose between the different types of Entry Tickets available for the available time periods or seasons.

2. Choice of number of tickets

The User must ensure that the purchased tickets refer to the dates available on the calendar habilitated on our web site.
The prices indicated on the screen are those in force, excepting typographical errors. They are indicated in Euros and include Sales Tax (IVA).

3. Shopping Basket

The User may consult the shopping for up to date information on the state of the purchase of Entry Tickets.

4. Introduction of payment information

The User must introduce the requested information in order to make payment for the Purchased Entry Tickets.
The Purchase of Entry Tickets on the web site is conditional upon the reading and accepting of these Specific Purchase Conditions as well as the General Conditions applicable, by clicking on the link “I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the purchase”. Otherwise, the Purchase of Entry Tickets may not be completed.

5. Confirmation

When pressing the Continue button the User reaches a new Confirmation dialogue box where he/she will be required to confirm acceptance of the Specific Purchase Conditions and the authorization of the charging of the total amount of the purchase to the indicated means of payment.
At this point the user: may confirm and accept the Purchase of Entry Tickets, if the user is in agreement with the purchase, by clicking on the confirm button; may modify the purchase, where the User wishes to do so, in which case the User may return to the previous screen by pressing the corresponding button; or may cancel the purchase, if said User does not wish to proceed with the Purchase of Entry Tickets, by pressing the corresponding buttons on the User’s web navigator.
The purchase will be understood to be made when the User confirms the Purchase of the Entry Tickets and when Marina d'Or receives payment for the same. Once the purchase is confirmed, there is no mechanism available on the Web Site for identifying and correcting errors in the introduction of information, and in said cases the User must contact Customer Service.

6. Confirmation of the purchase

Marina d'Or will inform the User of the successful completion of the Purchase of Entry Tickets by sending a confirmation email.

7. Printing Entry Tickets

The User may print the Entry Tickets, on which the information introduced in the purchase process will appear.


No Entry Ticket purchased on this web site may be cancelled. Therefore, no refunds are available for the amount paid for the Purchased Entry Tickets.